The Hoodoisie is a bi-weekly news show that aims to delivers “block-optic” and radically politicized takes on news and current events. Roundtables with artists, activists and comedians; interviews with social changers and saboteurs, political figures, culture makers; and performances by musical guests aim to infuse and old form with new mission. The Hoodoisie be like if “The Jon Stewart Show” (or any other show featuring white boy talking about things in suits and at desks) got hijacked by revolutionary people of color from Chicago’s working-class communities.

Founder of The Hoodoisie, Ricardo Gamboa says, “The Hoodoisie is an accessible and entertaining attempt to center the experiences and perspectives of everyday people—particularly people of color, queers and women of color, and working-class people—and encourage them to engage the discourse that shapes their lives but from which they’re often excluded.”